*This brief essay is God's promotion, designed by Him to compel His people to learn of, ‘The Almighty’s plan to end all religious wars". Moreover, its confirmed to be of God thru a number of related coincidences (verifiable) thru which the Lord points to this plan (note: the 4th & 5th coincidences are posted at the very end of this essay).   Divine wisdom teaches,"there are no coincidences!" Associated coincidences attest to the fact that the Almighty is behind this plan!! 
(please read this brief paper and all the associated links)

The Almighty desires we re-create St Francis's spiritual Fire-Challenge he made to Islam, during the Crusades > www.originalchallenge.homestead.com

Since 800 years ago was centuries before the advent of TV technology, when the Sultan of Egypt backed down from accepting Francis's spiritual fire-challenge only those present in the room knew of this. 
     In that day, if St. Francis would have had access to our modern TV technology he could have insured the success of his challenge by making that challenge over cable news (CNN, Fox news. etc). Then, the entire world would be watching! Then, the muslim leadership couldn't have backed down, as they did in his day, without fatal damage rendered to their religion's credibility in the eyes of their 1.2 billion followers!
Hashgacha Pratis 

A central tenement of Jewish ideology is hashgacha pratis. It means > there are no coincidences! (coincidences are a manifestation of God's activity in the world, they are one of the ways that the Lord speaks to us)

Again, regarding this modern-day remake of Francis's spiritual fire-challenge there has been five coincidences (verifiable) accompanying it!
(to motivate a sincere disciple of God to conduct a thorough investigation into such a weighty matter, one coincidence ought be enough!)

All documentation is forthcoming. . .
Recently, the Lord led me to show this remake-plan to my parents’ old-time friend, a man named Meir Ginsberg (he happens to be an agnostic).  
     Since my car was inoperable at that time I hired a rental and drove to him.  Right before I was to speak on this divine plan Meir blurted out, “There are no miracles!” 

Instantaneously, I recalled the sole email I had saved from my deceased mother. Dated 2009, she sent me a link that revealed archeological documentation that the miraculous hebrew red sea crossing from 3,500 years ago was authentic! 
(If you care to check out the link below, you will photos of the Pharoah's  gold-gilded chariot wheels, fossilized  human / horse bones all found at the bottom of the red sea! > http://www.raindrops.org/PartingRedSea/RedSeaConfirm.html

When I attempted to show Meir these photos of the archeological remains of the Pharoah's army, thereby proving that God is real, He became agitated, so I backed off. Soon thereafter we parted company as it didn't seem to me we were going to go anywhere with this
Coincidence four 

> Recently, I was living homeless in Coral Springs  Florida, under a bridge off of University Drive.  Across the street, about 1/2 mile south is a Church with a familiar, exotic name. Upon closer examination of the Church, its associated with an obscure Catholic sect. They perform the Nineveh Fast annually; Syro-Malabar Catholic Church (note: there exists only 2 of these churches in the entire state of Florida!)

For the implimentation of this divine plan its necessary that a humongous multitude of people do the Nineveh fast in one accord, at the same time! 

Coincidence five > As the world knows the new Pope took upon himself the name, Francis. This forthcoming fire-challenge is the fruit of a holy seed St Francis sowed 800 years ago! 
The original idea was birthed & put into action by him. Without his courageous action 800 years ago I wouldn't have ever conceived of this divine plan today. Thus, this makes Francis Father of the Messianic Age! Thus, everything about St Francis and the holy way that the early Franciscans lived will soon become far more well-known than it presently is.